Innovation and Tradition

That’s how we elaborate our Menu, a mix between the dishes you expect to find everywhere,
plus the new creations coming from our Chef.


  • Potatoes Bravas” La Tertulia**
  • Camembert fried with strawberry jam**
  • Mushrooms stuffed with bacon and prawns
  • Iberian ham croquettes
  • Leeks and mushrooms croquettes**
  • “Huevos rotos”, French fries with eggs and Iberian ham
  • Russian Salad
  • Fried aubergines with honey and “mató”**
  • “Choricitos” in cider
  • Home style fried peppers**
  • Baked chicken wings with chimichurri mayonnaise
  • Satay chicken brochettes with mango coulis
  • Bread with Tomato **
  • White anchovies
  • Homemade anchovies
  • Cockles (can)
  • Assorted fried fish
  • Squid “Andalusian style” with citrus mayonnaise
  • Deep fried cuttlefish
  • Grilled cuttlefish

** Vegetarian

  • Grilled squid
  • “Chipirones” Fried baby squid
  • Prawns cooked in oil with garlic
  • Glazed prawns with soy and honey
  • Smoked cod with confit tomato and tapenade
  • Homemade meatballs with tomato sauce
  • Chicken filet strips breaded in chip crumbs
  • Tripe
  • Embutidos ibéricos

    • Jamón Ibérico (ham)
    • Chorizo Ibérico (red sausage)
    • Manchego Cheese
    • Assortment of Jamón, Chorizo and Cheese


    Main dishes “La Tertulia”

    • Noodles with seafood and garlic mayonnaise (min. 2 persons)
    • Black rice (min. 2 persons)
    • Rice stew with lobster (min. 2 persons)
    • Seafood paella (min. 2 persons)
    • Meat paella (min. 2 persons)
    • Vegetable paella (min. 2 persons)**
    • Beef steak grilled on a hot stone (300 grs.)
    • Sirloin steak grilled on a hot stone (300 grs.)
    • Cod with garlic mouse and sautéed chickpeas
    • Fish of the day with stir-fry Wok vegetables


    • Salad with tuna filet strips, tomato and red onion**
    • Salad with grated goat cheese**
    • Salad with caramelised pears, mozzarella and cranberries gazpacho**
    • Layers of grilled vegetables with goat cheese and “romesco”**

    ** Vegetarian



    • House red wine
    • Faustino Rivero (Rioja joven
    • Sembro (Ribera del Duero)
    • L´Alba Mas Tinell (Penedès)
    • Mencía (Bierzo)
    • LAN (Rioja crianza)


    • House white wine
    • Finca Los Trenzones (Verdejo)
    • Karamba Blanc (Penedés)
    • Fortius (Chardonnay – Navarra)
    • Canals Munné (Muscat)
    • Duquesa (Verdejo)


    • House rosé wine
    • L´Alba Mas Tinell (Penedés)


    • Roger de Flor
    • Berral i Miró (Reserva)
    • Anna de Codorniu
    • Juvé & Camps


    • Wine Sangria
    • Cava Sangria


    Hot Sandwiches

    • Bacon with cheese and pepper
    • “Bikini” Cheese and Ham
    • Hot dog with cheese and onion
    • Pork tenderloin with cheese and peppers
    • Chicken with cheese and pepper

    Cold Sandwitches

    • Iberian ham
    • Manchego cheese
    • “Jamón serrano” and Manchego cheese
    • Tuna with vegetables
    • Tuna with anchovies and pepper


    • Homemade meatballs with tomato sauce
    • Cod with garlic mouse and sautéed chickpeas
    • Sausage with beans
    • Club Sandwich with french fries
    • Butter croissant with ham and cheese
    • Fried eggs with bacon and french fries
    • Beef burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese and onion (with french fries)
    • Omelette with sliced bread and tomato
    • French omelette with sliced bread and tomato